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Organic DIY Soilles Soil Mix

Organic DIY Soilles Soil Mix upgrades your soil, ensuring you of strong vegetative growth and heavy luscious flowers. Without the need of extra added nutrients or fancy growth boosters – just watering your crop is enough!

You will Need:

1x 40 liter of a light mix soil
1x Soma’s DIY Soilles Soil Mix set

Follow These Simple Steps: 

  1. Thoroughly mix of the above mentioned ingredients, then water until moist but not completely wet!
  2. Put the mixture back into the bag and set it in a warm place. After two weeks the mixture has cooled down and is ready to use.
  3. Mix everything once again, or give it some Compost Tea. Let everything sit for another week before planting.
  4. Before you plant into the enhanced mixture, use the light mix to pre-grow your seedling into a young plant with a well developed root system.
    The more roots the better!
  5. Now put your young plant into the Super Soil and let it grow. When growing under artificial light, let the plant veg for a week before turning your lights to a flowering time schedule.
  6. Water to the need of the plant. If you wish to give the plants a little extra try feeding with our Compost tea and add guano tea once a week after week 5. Top dressing with guano is also beneficial.




  • We recommend using at least a 30 liter pot to make sure your plant recieves full benefit from Soma’s DIY Soilles Soil mix.
  • Keep the soil evenly moist, to ensure optimal development of the microbacteria.
  • No need to flush the soil before harvest.
  • Also great for top dressing nutrient deficient soil and recycling your old soil. Bring it back to life and and start growing again
  • Check out our compost teas for Veg and Flower. These teas complement the soil mixes perfectly and will contribute to healthy soil and healthy & happy plants.

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