As an active participant in the cannabis industry you probably know or heard of Soma. Since 1995 Soma is an active as cannabis entrepreneur in Amsterdam. His seedbank Soma’s Sacred Seeds has been around for a little over 25 years and is famous for connoisseur high quality cannabis strains like the classic Amnesia Haze or the ever popular New York City Diesel. Soma’s work has won numerous prestigious awards and cannabis cups over the years and Soma has grown into a recognized and respected cannabis legend.


The Soma Story 

Back in 1967, I was working at IBM as a mail clerk in the o ce products division on Madison Avenue in NYC. Another employee helped me get some Marijuana rolled up in joints. Right after work, I walked down to the East River dressed in my three-piece suit and tie and lit up my rst joint. I instantly fell in love with the calm feeling it brought to my whole being. I was 18 years old. In the more then half a century that has passed since my rst joint I have found cannabis to be one of the most positive forces in my life.
I started growing cannabis in 1971 in southern Vermont. I owned and ran a vegetarian restaurant and bakery. As I became more aware of my diet, a deeper knowledge of ecology and its e ect on the environment came with the territory. This naturally led to my growing cannabis in an organic eco-friendly manner. From that point on, I have been nding di erent ways to make my thumbs greener.
This magni cent plant species has helped teach me the art of having and taking care of houseplants, the art of nurturing, and the art of photography to name but a few. Far from being a de-motivator, marijuana has become interwoven with many of my interests, and its in uence has opened my mind to explore many I might have never other wise pursued. Although marijuana laws are never fair around the planet, I refuse to give up my right to have my sacrament and medicine constantly near me in the form of clothing, food, plants, paper and smoke. In this way I do my part to overgrow the universe.


At our core, we are dreamers and innovators. Our vision transcends boundaries, and we’re thrilled to share that we’re embarking on an exciting journey to bring our award-winning genetics to the vibrant Thai market. In an extraordinary collaboration with KEMU Co. LTD. based in Bangkok, we’ve set up a compact yet cutting-edge laboratory where the magic is happening.

The heart of our venture lies in the careful cultivation and preparation of our exceptional genetics. With unwavering dedication and meticulous attention to detail, we’re crafting a range of products that we’re immensely proud of. As the clock ticks forward, we’re eager to announce that the grand unveiling of our creations is set for Q3-2023.

As we gear up for this momentous launch, we’re delighted to reveal that small batches of our prized Somango and Lavender strains will be available right from the start. These initial offerings are a testament to our commitment to quality and excellence. Each strain carries with it the essence of our passion and hard work, infused with the unique character that makes Thai genetics so special.

We invite you to join us on this thrilling adventure. Stay tuned for updates, follow our progress, and be ready to experience a new dimension of genetics that are as diverse and rich as the Thai culture itself. Together with KEMU Co. LTD., we’re not just introducing genetics to the market; we’re cultivating a connection between nature, innovation, and your senses.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. The future is green, exciting, and it’s happening right here.

See you in Q3-2023!