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Soma's Compost tea VEG

Compost tea for strong Vegetative Growth. Mix your own and use this tea every third watering and watch your plants flourish. You can make as much as you need and save the left over tea for later waterings.

Dry Mix Ingredients:
Peruvian Seabird Guano (PSG)
High N Bat Guano (Mexican)
Earth Worm Castings (EWC)

To mix the Tea:
Mix one cup of the dry mix with 5 gallons / 20 liters of water

To that 5 gallons of tea add:
– 5 tbs. Maxicrop or liquid seaweed
– 5 tsp. Black Strap molasses

How to Use:
Use Soma’s Compost Tea every third watering for best results.

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